Naija Mega Diva Babe Silk Scarf

Naija Mega Diva Babe Silk Scarf


100% Mulberry satin Silk, 90x90cm with a hand rolled hem


A beautiful 100% silk scarf with a hand rolled hem called ‘Naija Mega Diva Babe’ (NMDB)

The artist Lara Cookey celebrates the emergence of the essentials of Naija (local parlance for Nigeria) women’s elegance. You will see The NMDB at social events, looking like a million dollars, her gravity-defying ‘Gele’ (Headgear) aloft. This design captures her Power, Poise and Elegance of femininity all rolled into one, an expression of the stylish impression and colour she brings to social events.

Each scarf is presented in a hand loomed Aso-Oke (meaning ‘Top Cloth’) pouch, a traditional fabric woven by the Yoruba people of Western Nigeria, a contrast to the delicate silk fabric it contains. Noji Art is changing the narrative about traditional African art.


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